About Dionna Begg

My passion is promoting wellness and working with people.

I bring a knowledgeable, professional, curious and quiet presence to our work.

I am fortunate as a mental health professional to witness the work of people who are inspired to seek self-change and to gain new knowledge and skills.

Who do I work with?

Primarily with individuals from early teens through to older adults.

If you are a parent looking for someone to work with your teen and your teen is not on board – consider working with me yourself.

What might you be dealing with?

Stresslife transitionssocial pressurebullying + relationship challenges are among frequent concerns that impact you emotionally and functionally – as do elevated levels of anxiety + depression.


You may be supporting someone with the above concerns.

Perhaps you…

…appear to others, and maybe also to yourself, to have a perfect life and yet your internal experience and/or your physical condition is communicating that something is not quite right.

Or maybe you…

…are aware of what is impacting your well-being and/or your ability to be effective, yet you may lack the skills or resources to influence necessary change and effective coping.

What can you expect?

When we work together…

Whatever the challenge or role that brings you into my office – parent, caregiver, relationship partner, employee, employer, child, student – together we explore your concern and we plan our work to promote appropriate change.

Perhaps you have put off seeking help for far too long… 

In that case, today is always a good day to begin our therapy work with self-care + healing – together we develop the emotional, physical and mental space to invite inspiration + seek a better sense of well being.

So now what?




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A catch phrase, heard often in my office,

“What can you do different, so you feel different?”