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About Dionna Begg

My passion is promoting wellness and working with people.

I bring a knowledgeable, professional, curious and quiet presence to our work.

I am fortunate as a mental health professional to witness the work of people who are inspired to seek self-change and to gain new knowledge and skills.

Who do I work with?

Primarily with individuals from early teens through to older adults.

If you are a parent looking for someone to work with your teen and your teen is not on board – consider working with me yourself.

What might you be dealing with?

Stresslife transitionssocial pressurebullying + relationship challenges are among frequent concerns that impact you emotionally and functionally – as do elevated levels of anxiety + depression.


You may be supporting someone with the above concerns.

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I am excited to be working in-person and online in the Edmonton area and working with people throughout Alberta, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon.  Curious how we can work together? Book a no-fee consultation today. With much gratitude, Dionna