Sleep… “most powerful elixir of life”

Deciding to add sleep to my superpowers!

In his Ted Talk, Matt Walker reviews the science behind the healthy quality of deep sleep calling it “the most powerful elixir of life.”

Let’s ask ourselves… Why don’t we prioritize sleep? What can we do when we struggle to sleep? And what about when our sleep is interrupted?   How can we shape our sleep and rest that restores our brain and body?

Let’s start with asking ourselves, What is under my control?

Watch Matt Walker’s Ted Talk.  
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Crisis leadership

Media snippet

We can find ourselves in leadership roles at home, at work or in our
communities. Zara Abrams writes that essential elements of crisis leadership include clear communication, readiness, and learning from our mistakes.

Consider practicing both self-compassion and other-focused compassion as you traverse challenging times.

Read Zara Abrams’ article

Abrams, Z. (2020, July). Leadership in times of crisis. Monitor on
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